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Paper Chains

(Finishing Line Press)

A poetry book inspired by Syrian refugees.


While volunteering at the Ritsona Refugee Camp in Greece, Oleck witnessed not only the obvious and immediate result of Syrian citizens fleeing for their lives, but the hidden cost: psychological damage to both sexes, and across all ages. Her resulting poems span modern Western references, timeless hardship, and universal human empathy in the face of hopelessness. At their best, they remind us—despite how hard we hope against it—we are all subject to unwanted change, natural and manmade disaster, and diaspora.

-Ron Egatz, award-winning poet, author of Beneath Stars Long Extinct


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Songs From the Black Hole

(Finishing Line Press)

A poetry book that intersects love, heartbreak, and meaning, with the mysteries of astrophysics. Readers are brought, time and again, to an intimate space where outer and inner worlds converge.

Persephone Dreaming of Cherries

(Barometric Pressures: Kind of Hurricane Press) E-chapbook:

A modern haiku tale of love and loss.

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